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Sexual Health Services

Auckland Sexual Health Service aims to provide sexual health care that is client focused, culturally appropriate and of an excellent standard. We are a specialist service offering free and confidential sexual health care including:

  • diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections and other related conditions including genital skin conditions, genital pain and sexual dysfunction, reproductive health including contraceptive advice
  • sexual health counselling
  • adult sexual abuse service including the care of related medical, nursing and social issues
  • sexual health education, including Peer Sexuality Support programmes for schools


The counselling team comprises a male and a female therapist, plus one psychotherapy student. We provide counselling for individuals and couples, for up to 6-10 sessions where necessary. Issues we cover include : sexual functioning, sexuality and gender issues, STI and HIV counselling, sexual compulsion. The service is free of charge.

Education Unit

The Education Unit sits alongside the clinical sexual health service and provides a variety of sexual health education and promotion within the community. This work falls broadly into three categories;

  • Peer Sexuality Support Programme
  • Community Education
  • Community Health Promotion.

Peer Sexuality Support Programme

The Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP) is a school based programme which is currently delivered in 25 secondary schools throughout the Auckland region and is about helping students to make informed decisions about their own sexual health.

The PSSP aims to formalise already existing networks through training students to work in a support and referral role with their peers. The training involves a four day experiential, residential hui in which students explore their own attitudes and values for in relation to sexuality and sexual health as well as those of others. Through a number of workshop presentations students are provided with accurate information and access to resources which they can then use to assist others within their communities when they return to school.

Community Education

The Education Unit provides education sessions on sexuality and related safer sex topics to various community organisations. Workshops are carried out with a variety of community groups which include health professionals, schools, Alcohol and Drug programmes, Mental Health programmes, alternative education and youth justice.

Our education service is charged out on a sliding scale depending on the organisation that we are working with.

Education Unit contact details and request form.

Community Health Promotion

Each year the Education Unit attends a number of community events promoting condom use and safer sex as well as encouraging people to remember to take care of their sexual health by going for regular check-ups. If you know of an event that you think would be good for us to attend, drop us a line.

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Sexual assault (Pohutukawa)

Pohutukawa is a free specialist medical and forensic service for adult women and men who have been sexually assaulted or abused.

We are committed to providing the highest quality health service that is sensitive, appropriate, accessible and that acknowledges social and cultural differences.

Pohutukawa information and contact details.


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    Free condoms available

    * some charges may apply to non New Zealand residents.


    Although condoms are not 100% reliable they greatly reduce the transmission of most sexually transmitted infections(STI).

    If you think you may have been at risk of an STI, attend for a Sexual Health Check.

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    Syphilis is becoming increasingly common in the Auckland region.

    What is syphilis?

    Who is at risk of syphilis?

    How do I know if I have syphilis?

    Who should be tested for syphilis?

    How is syphilis treated?

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