Auckland Sexual Health Services

Auckland Sexual Health Services

Due to the government's COVID 19 response we are restricting our face to face appointments to urgent issues only.

Please do not walk into the clinics.   Some community clinics have been closed.  All patients will need to be spoken to by a nurse before being seen.

We will be doing telephone consultations for most issues.  If you are on medication for HIV please contact us if you have less than 30 days of medication supply and we will arrange a prescription to be faxed to a pharmacy.

We urge people to please take the advice of the government seriously and stay home unless you are working in essential services.  This means limiting social contact to people living in the same household.  If we all play our part we can get back to normal living sooner, remember we are all in this together.


The Auckland Sexual Health Regional Service aims to provide sexual health care that is client focused, culturally appropriate and of an excellent standard. We are a specialist service offering free and confidential sexual health care including:

  • diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and other related conditions including genital skin conditions, genital pain and sexual dysfunction, reproductive health including contraceptive advice

  • sexual health counseling

  • gender affirming health care, including initiation of hormonal therapies, for gender diverse and transgender clients

  • sexual health education, including Peer Sexuality Support Programmes for schools

  • The Adult Sexual Assault Service (The Pohutukawa Clinic) provides specialist medical care for adults who been sexually assaulted or abused.


Do I need sexual health care?

Have you had sex with someone new?

Have you got concerns?

Has someone you've had sex with told you they have an infection?


Why attend?

The following symptoms may indicate a sexually transmitted infection and we would suggest you attend for a check-up or ring for further advice:

  • A discharge from the penis or vagina

  • Pain passing urine

  • Pain in the lower stomach, genitals or when having sexual intercourse

  • Lumps or swelling in the genital area

  • Genital sores or ulcers

  • Genital rashes

  • Anal symptoms relating to sexual intercourse e.g. discharge or irritation

  • Not all sexually transmitted infections have symptoms. We advise a routine check-up 2 weeks after unprotected sex or if you have had a change in partner.

What do I need to know about the tests?


Read our FAQs.


Where can I find more information about STIs?


See our fact sheets.


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